Vegetarian Christmas I – parsnip and cranberry nut loaf


It is no secret that parsnips are my favourite root vegetable. They are delicious, versatile and cheap. Last week I tried a new recipe featuring the humble parsnip – a parsnip, chestnut and cranberry nut loaf, which I made as part of a Christmas-inspired dinner. If you’re looking for vegetarian Christmas mains, this is the way to go. Its festive and won’t look out of place next to all the usual trimmings, as well as being fairly simple, filling and delicious.

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Veg of the Week – Carrots


Photo from 100dollarsamonth

It’s Monday again, and we’re starting our week with a collection of yummy carrot-inspired recipes. These crunchy versatile root vegetables are in season pretty much all year round in the UK except March, April and May.

Immediately forget any bad memories you may have of boring carrot sticks in a lonely lunch box…because carrots can taste incredible if prepared the right way in the right recipes. You can make cakes, grate them into salads, roast them with honey, juice them, stir fry them, curry them, you name it.

incredibly good for your vision and immune system,  carrots are chock-full of beta-carotenes, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants. Basically they’re extremely good for you, so eat your veg like your mama told you.

Here is a list of the internet’s best carrot-creations:

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