Tread lightly on the Earth and be kind to your wallet.

The Conscious Student is the brainchild of friends and flat mates Anna Steinmann and Catriona Furlong, born out of weeks of procrastination, cooking nights with friends, and frustration with the lack of affordable resources for the ethically minded student.

After coming home from classes in sustainability, human rights and social philosophy we would often find that our wallets couldn’t keep up with the ideals espoused in our textbooks. Searching for cheap, environmentally friendly and socially conscious ways to live became a game for us, as we combed the streets of our wee Scottish town for creative ways to reconcile our values with our budget.

This project chronicles our personal attempts to live on a budget while maintaining our ethical and environmental principles. We hope you enjoy our food for thought… Bon Appetit!

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We are not chefs, just enthusiastic amateurs. Most of the recipes on this blog are not ones we have invented ourselves… we will always try to give credit where it is due, and hope others will do so in return. We own all the photos and content on the blog and kindly request you to ask our permission if you would like to use our photos.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to our project, in particular David Furlong for helping us with the web design.