Veg of the Week: Kohlrabi


When my father suggested we eat kohlrabi for dinner last week, I thought it was some kind of Moroccan tajine. It turns out kohlrabi is actually an incredibly versatile, nutritious winter bulb vegetable similar to a cabbage or turnip, that tastes like a sweeter version of a broccoli stem. Not only is it yummy, it’s super cheap. Kohlrabi in Germany costs only about 40 euro cents a piece (that’s about 30 UK pence).

It’s hard to find tasty seasonal veg in the winter, so I was excited to read about all the different ways you can use kohlrabi with just a little creativity to turn this humble, unassuming vegetable into a great side dish, soup, salad, or curry (apparently it’s used a lot in Northern India). In season from November through to March, kohlrabi is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, especially vitamin C. Usually I would cook the bulb, but you can also eat the leafy stems, which are rich in B-complex vitamins, carotenes, vitamin A and vitamin K

Papa Steinmann likes to make kohlrabi in hollandaise sauce as a side-dish with leeks, but there are heaps of different ways to eat kohlrabi… so here are just a few of the internet’s finest kohlrabi ideas after the jump.


Vegan cream of Kohlrabi soup by Veganmian


Kohlrabi Salad
Apple Fennel Kohlrabi salad with maple-roasted pecans by Wild Green Sardines


Kohlrabi Fritters with Avocado Sauce by A couple Cooks


 First Image by Veganmian


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