raspberry porridge


This is a standard porridge choice for me because it can be made with frozen raspberries or even raspberry jam if thats your jam. Yes I did just make that joke. Lets move on.


  • handful frozen raspberries or tablespoon raspberry jam
  • 100ml porridge oats
  • 300ml milk or water


  1. Put the oats and milk or water in a pot on medium-low heat on the stove
  2. Stir every few minutes and as the mixture starts to come together add the frozen raspberries.
  3. Cook for a few more minutes until the desired consistency has been reached and the raspberries have thawed

I add the raspberries at the very end because I secretly like the feeling of eating hot porridge with cold raspberries. It provides some excitement for my tastebuds in the otherwise dull mornings. Now you know something about me.


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