raspberry porridge


This is a standard porridge choice for me because it can be made with frozen raspberries or even raspberry jam if thats your jam. Yes I did just make that joke. Lets move on. Continue reading


carrot and ginger porridge



Its porridge week! Everyone knows how healthy and cheap porridge is, and on top of that oats are able to grow even in challenging climates like Scotland, which means us UK residents can get them locally! Since eating porridge for breakfast is not always convenient and it can get boring pretty quickly, I thought I would investigate and share some ways to make it more appealing. I’ll be posting five different ways of enjoying porridge this week. Long live the oat!

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The modern farmer


photo courtesy of the modern farmer

I really enjoyed stumbling across this wonderful website today. Take a peek if you’re looking for some interesting reading on sustainability, food or farming as well as plenty of how-tos. My favourite articles include “Raising backyard chickens for dummies“, “A day in the life of a bee wrangler” and “why does beer smell so delicious?“.

If you want a distraction in visual form, here is a beautiful instagram account worth following.

Have a great weekend!

The Untapped Power of Big Business

I would like to recommend a book that I thought presented a compelling argument against the “us vs. them” attitude so many conscious students of this world tend to fall into, myself included.

While big business is without a doubt the source many problems, the list of injustices and crimes is extensive and blatant, people also tend to forget the amount of potential and power big business has to elicit change for the better. Jon Miller and Lucy Parker remind us in ‘Everybody’s Business‘ that “sending an email, feeding our families, charging our mobile phones, traveling, taking medication, paying a bill, having a shower, watching a movie, enjoying a beer” are all examples of what an intrinsic role big business plays in everybody’s lives, whether we like it or not.

As Lucy and Jon described in an interview, “when you think about it, there isn’t a single big problem in the world today that big business can’t help find solutions to, whether that’s global water security, fighting poverty, energy efficiency, the future of health care, or women’s empowerment. These are all issues that businesses are tackling today.” Continue reading

carrot, kale and chickpea heaven


I find that I often get in a food-rut when I’m cooking for myself. It becomes so much easier to make the same tried and tested dishes over and over again if I know that they are seasonal, easy, cheap and healthy. It feels as if I must already know all the meal-options in the world (madness!) so I just vary between the same handful. At the moment, I’ve been eating a lot of vegetable soups and curries with squash, carrots, potatoes and mushrooms. But I was completely knocked out of my food rut when I tried an unusual dish from my Ottolenghi cookbook. I am now completely inspired to try new meals because its clear that I haven’t tried it all. There are plenty of cheap, easy vegetarian dishes out there!

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Do you have a good egg?


I recently discovered that every egg (from farmers with more than 50 hens) in the EU is printed with a code that allows you to pinpoint which farm it came from, as well as if it comes from organic, free range, barn or caged hens. Excited to discover my egg-source, I typed the code into this  egg code tracker only to be disappointed by the fact that “no supplier was found”. I think it might be because my eggs are Scottish…

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