Fresh Orange Juice: the only way to do breakfast

orangesNothing says ‘good morning’ quite like a big glass of orange juice. As part of our ‘back to basics’ eco challenge week where we avoid most processed foods, we’ve had to rethink almost all our usual meals- including breakfast. We’re both serious orange juice addicts, but I personally never really bothered to squeeze my own juice… until now.

I can honestly say that the taste is incomparable to store bought or even ‘freshly squeezed’ juice from a cafe, and is well worth the couple of minutes it takes to make it. Freshly squeezed juice is much healthier for you (here are some reasons why), and avoids industrial production, packaging, transport and unknown ingredients.

The best way to make your own orange juice is:

  1. Buy them in large quantities from a wholesale provider or ask your local grocer. This is guarantied to be cheaper than individual packets of four at a supermarket. For a rough idea, I use about 3 oranges for a large glass of juice. Also keep in mind where your oranges are coming from…the closer the better.
  2. To squeeze the juice you can use a juicer if you’ve got one, but I found a lemon squeezer worked just fine. You can even just use your hands as long as you don’t mind them getting a bit messy.
  3. I also then strain the juice through a tea strainer (or sieve) because the pulp tends to be larger
  4. To make the oranges go further I sometimes add some sparkling water

So there you have it. This hardly needed a ‘how to’ but I just thought I’d share my new breakfast obsession with you. Enjoy!

– Anna


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