We haven’t had many product reviews up here, mainly because there haven’t been all that many products that we’ve loved enough to share with you. This one is an absolute winner though. Anna and I found this unassuming little bottle at a train station kiosk in Swindon and have been converts ever since.

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soup #2 – pea & mint

Pea SoupPea soup was a complete stranger to me until I moved to the UK four years ago. The thought of turning those tiny, kind-of average green vegetables into a soup had never even crossed my mind. But since trying it for the first time 2 years ago, I have not turned back. Pea soup is delicious, healthy and cheap. Made with frozen peas it can be a year-round staple and brings some nice fresh green-ness into the depths of Scottish winter.

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Eco Challenge: Back to Basics

vegThank goodness this week is coming to a close…not because it was particularly stressful, but because our sugar and cheese cravings have reached astronomical heights, and at this point we’re about ready to eat a wheel of brie on a bed of grated cheddar with mozzarella on top and cake as a side.

To make ourselves more aware of how much food we eat that has been through industrial production, we endeavoured to avoid all processed foods for a week. However upon researching what exactly constituted ‘processed foods’ (i.e. anything that’s not straight out of the earth), we realised that this was perhaps a little too ambitious, and limited our ingredients to: Fruit & veg, lentils, beans, fish, grains, milk, nuts and seeds, oil, butter and flour.

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Fresh Orange Juice: the only way to do breakfast

orangesNothing says ‘good morning’ quite like a big glass of orange juice. As part of our ‘back to basics’ eco challenge week where we avoid most processed foods, we’ve had to rethink almost all our usual meals- including breakfast. We’re both serious orange juice addicts, but I personally never really bothered to squeeze my own juice… until now.

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10p Burt’s Bees copycat lip balm


A few months ago, I stumbled across this post on how to make burt’s bees style lip balm for 8 cents a tube by broke and healthy (be sure to check out some of their other posts – there’s some great stuff on there!) Since I go through quite a lot of lip balm I thought it might be worth trying to make my own for a fraction of the cost. Burt’s Bees is notoriously expensive (£3.69 for 4g), using only high-quality and natural ingredients. However, I soon found out that I could use the same natural ingredients to make my own lip balm for about 10p for 4g. And when I discovered how simple the process is, I found myself wanting to make lip balm for everyone. “Bring me your empty tins and I will fill them with balm!”

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Happy 2014! We hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

We are back in Scotland and back in the world of blogging. After a much needed and restful vacation, we’re very excited for the year ahead and have lots of fun ideas to share with you guys. We will continue with our usual DIY, product and food posts, but this week we’ll be starting a series of posts on cheap and easy soups. We love a good bowl of soup in winter, but are complete rookies when it comes to soup-cooking. So hopefully this series will inspire us (and you!) to make more soups from scratch instead of buying the ready-made kind, saving money and packaging. win-win.

We will also be embarking on a series of week-long ‘eco-challenges’, in an attempt to become more environmentally conscious consumers. The first eco-challenge will be to not eat processed foods in order to avoid the excessive energy and packaging that goes into ready-made meals and snacks. After googling the definition of  ‘processed foods’ we realised that we’d have to make some concessions so we’re going to allow milk, cream, butter, flour and oil & vinegar but apart from that we’ll be subsisting on fruit and vegetables, beans and grains. We’ll be posting updates on our progress and recipes we use throughout the week so watch this space.

Wish us luck!

– Anna & Kasia