Eco gift guide

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For those of you with some seriously last minute shopping to do, here’s a quick guide with a few ideas for eco-gifts to give your loved ones. It’s always good to think about avoiding too much waste on gifts that may be used once then thrown away or just put on a shelf somewhere. Here are a few ideas that work well as last-minute gifts too:


Tickets are a wonderful gift because you can share an experience with someone, and it saves the pile up of christmas ‘stuff’ that eventually turns into landfill. Think concerts, plays, musicals, movies, restaurants, sports games, small holidays….the best present I’ve ever received was a weekend away in the highlands, it was perfect.


sushi class


Lessons are a great present because, again, it avoids the clutter of ‘stuff’ and gives your friend or loved one a skill can keep forever. Whether it’s a cooking class you take together, spanish lessons, a salsa course or a sushi making class, this is a fun and creative gift that (in my opinion) beats socks or scented candles!

reindeer cookies


How about making an edible gift this year? Bake a delicious cake or some seasonal gingerbread cookies.






Online subscriptions to magazines, netflix, newspapers etc. are a gift someone can enjoy all year round.





Have a think about wrapping your gifts sustainably…you don’t have to use lots of plastic ribbon and wrapping paper to have classy  presentation. Here are a few cool ideas for DIY wrapping paper





You never know what you might find in a charity shop. How about a second hand classic book  from Barnardos?



eco store

Try browsing through a few of these eco stores to see if anything catches your eye


Happy gifting, and happy holidays!!

– Anna


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