free and green decorations for the festive season


I love all things that are free, especially if they’re green too. So here are a couple ways to make some free and festive decorations using recycled tins, jars, thread and all kinds of greenery. We managed to get most of the cuttings from our shared garden, but found the rest on a little stroll around town. Keep reading for our favourite recycled and up cycled Christmas decorations

festive wreath

In order to make a wreath with minimal expenditure (but I’ll be honest – greater effort) all you need is 4 plain, bendy branches, a variety of evergreen twigs/holly/berries and thread. Using thin wire instead of thread will make your task about a million times easier, and if you use wire as well as a wreath “base” your job will be even easier than that.

Basically, if you don’t use a wreath base, you need to make your own using a few sturdy but bendy branches. I used 3 and bound their ends together with thread to form a single long branch, and then tied the ends of this together using thread to make a circle. Using wire will make this a lot easier.

Once you have a “base” all you need to do is wrap evergreens/holly/whatever twigs you have collected around it and secure with thread. The best way to do this is to attach the twigs at their bottom end and layer the next twig on top of this in order to cover the place where you’ve attached it using thread/wire.


rosemary centrepiece

Rosemary is in season at the moment, and goes wonderfully with many autumn/winter dishes, so why not cut off some large sprigs to use as an edible centrepiece? We put  the cuttings in recycled tins and jars and placed these around the room for some added green.

a few of our favourite budget and earth-friendly festive decorations from around the internet

we love the idea of brightening up recycled jars with some food colouring (who knew!) and using them to hold tea lights. Here is the full tutorial

coloured jar votives - click for full instructions

coloured jar votives – click for full instructions

Got bits of scrap paper lying around? This tutorial will show you how to turn them into a wreath.


paper wreath – click for instructions

Finally, this modern-looking geometric wreath is made using only straws and wire. It looks amazing and is supposedly really easy.

geometric wreath

this modern geometric wreath only uses straws and wire


2 thoughts on “free and green decorations for the festive season

  1. The tinted jars are brilliant. I like the look of the geometric wreath too but I don’t know if it would be the same without that fresh wreath smell. You would have to pair it with some fresh garland for sure.

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