Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of the festive season, we wanted to wish all our readers a great holiday and a happy new year! Thanks so much for your support, it’s been wonderful to have had such a great reaction to the blog, and we couldn’t have wished for more. We will be taking a short break while we’re away with our families, but will be back and posting in the new year soon.

Until then, peace out

Anna & Kasia


Eco gift guide

Eco-ChristmasImage via

For those of you with some seriously last minute shopping to do, here’s a quick guide with a few ideas for eco-gifts to give your loved ones. It’s always good to think about avoiding too much waste on gifts that may be used once then thrown away or just put on a shelf somewhere. Here are a few ideas that work well as last-minute gifts too:

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charity gift guide


Gift-giving at Christmas time has different connotations in many different places and cultures, but giving in general means thinking about others and placing their needs before your own. So, in the spirit of giving, here are some things you can give to those in need. These charity donations come with Christmas cards that you can personalise, so you can gift someone you know with a donation made on their behalf.

Keep reading to find out how to save the world from unwanted gifts.

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free and green decorations for the festive season


I love all things that are free, especially if they’re green too. So here are a couple ways to make some free and festive decorations using recycled tins, jars, thread and all kinds of greenery. We managed to get most of the cuttings from our shared garden, but found the rest on a little stroll around town. Keep reading for our favourite recycled and up cycled Christmas decorations

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Christmas present DIY #1


Its that point in December where you may have started thinking about presents to give your friends and family, so over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some cheap homemade present inspiration as well as a gift guide for cheap and ethical presents. This is the first instalment, as knitting this scarf may take you up to Christmas Eve to finish. But fear not! This is one of the easiest and cheapest knitting projects I’ve ever done and is perfect for the beginner knitter or as a quick project if you’re already a knitting master.

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Veg of the week – Potatoes!

roast potatoes

La dolce pita’s lemon and rosemary roast potatoes

Having a German father, potatoes have always been a staple growing up. My dad is never shy about vocally praising the humble potato: “They’re so delicious and versatile!” he’ll exclaim. His excitement for potatoes has definitely rubbed off on me. These sweet carby nuggets are one of the few vegetables in season during the winter, last for ages in the cupboard, are low in fat and high in vitamin B6, C, and potassium, are incredibly versatile, dirt cheap, and easy to source locally. I love them.

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DIY carpet cleaner

carpetOne too many times I’ve experienced the feeling of sheer horror when, in the middle of telling a particularly animated story, I knock a full glass of red wine onto the carpet of a flat I am renting. So luckily for you, I have had to try and test various deposit-proof ways of ensuring your carpet stays squeaky clean so that the landlord never suspects a thing. Continue reading

To buy or not to buy: organic


Trying to make decisions about what to buy in the supermarket can be difficult enough, not to mention when ‘organic’ gets thrown in the mix. Is it really worth spending that extra 50p? Keep reading for a brief guide to organic farming and how to buy organic on a budget. We’ve found that it can be possible on a student budget if you stick with a few simple rules

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