Autumn veg soup


Soup is good and tasty and warm, so we’ve been eating a lot of it lately to fend off the oncoming winter cold. This soup has an especially good flavour because the vegetables are roasted….and an added bonus is that the oven will keep your kitchen warm for a few hours afterwards!

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Home made popcorn

PopcornNothing quite beats a steaming bowl of fresh, buttery popcorn, and a good movie when you’re in the middle of dissertation stress…so Kasia and I decided to indulge ourselves the other day, and try making popcorn the original way: popping  kernels on the hob in oil. Aside from the fact that by using kernels you can get twice the amount of popcorn as  microwave-in-a-bag popcorn for the exact same price, here are a few reasons why making your own popcorn is better:

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veg of the week – leeks


I am embarrassed to admit that I had not knowingly consumed a leek before moving to the UK. I probably could not have picked a leek out of a line-up. I am now attempting to remedy this grave wrong by spreading the leek-love. Leeks might seem a bit boring, but let me tell you, this wonderful vegetable deserves more respect! It is cheap, tasty and versatile. A British winter-vegetable, the leek is wonderful in soup, goes well with mushrooms, squash and potato, and can even carry a tart. Keep reading for some leaky-inspiration. Click the photos for full recipes

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a tour of the Guardbridge biomass plant site


Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited on a tour of the site for the new energy centre in Guardbridge, located a few miles from St Andrews. The University bought the former paper mill in 2010 with plans to build a biomass plant with the capacity to heat the entire North Haugh section of campus. This is part of the University’s energy strategy to become carbon neutral by 2016, and while they are still only testing on the site, it will be operational by the end of 2015. It was uplifting to see sustainability principles being put into action, and made us proud to be part of an institution that leads by example.

Here is what we learned from the tour

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veggie lasagne


Lasagne is pretty much Anna’s favourite food, so in an effort to brighten a day spent in dissertation doom, I decided to try making veggie lasagne for the first time. There are only few things that can comfort you on a day spent ‘dissertating’, but it turns out that lasagne is one of them. Do not be afraid of the long list of ingredients, this dish is easy, delicious and cheap. Mushrooms and squash are still in season, frozen spinach, onion and passata are cheap and you can enjoy 20 minutes of warmth while the oven warms up your kitchen. Its a winner.

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How to keep warm in a freezing cold flat

Milo-winterAs that time of the year rolls round sooner than usual where when you can see your own breath and  immediately regret not wearing a scarf when you step outside, Kasia and I have begun reusing some of our old tricks for keeping warm whilst at home all day procrastinating  studying. For those of us who live in rented accommodation with not enough money to crank up the heating or invest in insulation, here are some tips and reminders that save you from wasting tons of gas on heating up a draughty, uninsulated flat:

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veg of the week – frozen peas and spinach

soup 200

photo by jilly inspired

The humble pea is a rarely given the attention it deserves. Tiny green balls of joy, peas are healthy and delicious. We love them at this time of year because they’re really cheap when bought frozen, and are a great way of eating green things in winter. Speaking of frozen green things, frozen spinach comes a close second. Check out these four yummy recipes that are made using frozen peas and spinach.

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chickpea curry and our favourite things on the internet



Today is a typical windy and grey Scottish November day. We’re in the middle of a dissertation-related deadline frenzy and our brains are beginning to slowly disintegrate. In times like these, a warm bowl of curry or soup and a hilarious cat/dog/monkey video is the only thing that keeps us going. So here is a 30p curry recipe made with ingredients you probably have in your store-cupboard, and our favourite things on the internet at the moment. Enjoy!

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