Recycled Halloween decorations


Planning a Halloween party? Instead of forking out for cheap decorations you’re going to throw away afterwards, why not think about upcycling some tin cans, loo rolls and old books to make creative and pretty much free decorations?  To follow yesterday’s post on DIY Halloween costumes, here is a little peek at our favourite ideas for how to decorate your flat for a halloween party using recycled materials and things you might have lying around.

Click the photo above for a set-by-step guide to make those creepy fabric-scrap ghosts

click on the photos to see the full tutorial


These cute bats are made using toilet paper rolls, scrap paper and black paint.


This creative tutorial shows you how to make pumpkin decorations out of old books.

tin can lantern

Turn your old tin cans into beautiful halloween lanterns by following these simple instructions.


These cute pom pom pumpkins are made using orange wool scraps.


If you have glass jars and scraps of white fabric lying around, these ghostly lanterns are a great outdoor halloween decoration.

Happy Halloween!

– Kasia


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