veg of the fortnight – pumpkin

photo credit to elana's pantry

photo credit to elana’s pantry

Pumpkin is a winter squash, and the UK squash season is from October-December. This makes it a great vegetable to eat all through autumn and into winter. Pumpkins are naturally sweet, high in fibre and vitamins and delicious in soups, stews, curries and even cakes and pies! In the US it seems to be quite common to cook with canned pumpkin puree, but over here we prefer to buy whole pumpkins so we can roast and eat the seeds. In the next two weeks we will be sharing our favourite pumpkin and squash recipes, but for now, here’s some inspiration for cheap and creative ways to prepare this yummy vegetable.

pumpkin risotto by foodmanna

pumpkin risotto by foodmanna


pumpkin butter by hidden fruits and veggies

pumpkin uttapam by e is for eat

pumpkin uttapam by e is for eat


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