Autumn Harvest Veg Box


This morning Kasia and I picked up our first ever veg box from bellfield organics, and were so happy with all the scrummy autumn deliciousness that we thought we’d write a little bit about it.

We’re lucky enough to go to a uni where student-run societies like one world have organised a discounted student rate for ordering boxes of local, in-season veg from an organic farm down the road to be delivered to our student union every week for us to buy.

It makes so much sense to go for this mix-bag of veg that costs 6 pounds, rather than getting individually wrapped and priced organic goods from a supermarket that’s sourced the veg from further afield. It’s also a convenient way to support smaller local suppliers that otherwise would not be able to compete with supermarkets.

We did the math, and the same organic veg bought individually from tesco would cost around 7 pounds. So it’s kind of a no brainer, right? If you don’t have a scheme like this set up at your uni, why not try setting one up yourself, or suggesting it to your local transition, environmental, or similar society? Many organic farms also do deliveries, you just have to look them up online or give them a call.

Happy shopping!

– Anna


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