lemon and honey flu remedy


If you’re a student at university, you’ve probably come across the term “fresher’s flu”. In fact, you’ve probably contracted fresher’s flu at some point or other. If you’re not familiar with the term, fresher’s flu is just used to describe a nasty cold that seems to go around campus during the first few weeks of term. As veteran flu sufferers, Anna and I have developed some cheap and very effective natural remedies for the common cold. This first one is a delicious, cheaper alternative to lemsip that will soothe a cough and help warm you up from the inside.

Lemsip is a popular cold remedy among our friends and classmates – its a lemon-flavoured powder of paracetamol, phenylephrine hydrochloride, aspartame, sugar and vitamin C that you stir into hot water and can cost close to 4 pounds for 10 sachets. This alternative is a mixture of lemon juice and honey in hot water – it tastes delicious and has the vitamin C and soothing properties of honey without the aspartame and paracetamol (which you can always take separately if you need to). Not to mention that you aren’t buying lots of little separately wrapped sachets.

When I have a cold, I drink this pretty much constantly, and it is the most comforting hot drink to have when I’m ill. All you need to do is boil a kettle of water and stir in a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

This delicious, natural cold remedy will cost you 6p per mug if you use lemon juice from a bottle. At this price, it might be worth investing in some higher-quality local honey. Lemsip, on the other hand, will cost you close to 40p for a mug.

– Kasia


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