Happy world vegetarian day!


botanical print from poppytalk

Today is world vegetarian day! Seeing as we are both vegetarians, we thought we’d spread the veggie love. This feels like a big moment, coming out of the closet as vegetarians. Vegetarianism is not an ideology or a reason to judge people, its a lifestyle choice. The reason the two of us are veggies is because it is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to lower our negative impact on the environment. Perhaps this is a good time to mention that we won’t be posting any meat recipes on this blog, not because it is a ‘vegetarian blog’ out of principle, but because we have yet to find a cheap, environmentally sustainable meat-recipe.

P.S. We’ll still love you even if you do eat meat. There are plenty of ways to make sustainable lifestyle choices, and eating less meat is one of them, even if its just a couple meat-free days a week.

Here are some interesting articles if you’d like to learn more about the impact of meat production and consumption on the environment:

Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer

10 ways vegetarianism can save the planet by John Vidal

How eating less meat can lessen our environmental impact by chooseveg.com



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