Conveniently vegan chocolate mousse


Putting the word ‘vegan’ in front of a type of food usually conjures up images of drier, grainier and generally less appealing versions of foods you love. This dessert will dispel any of those preconceived ideas. It is the vegan-community’s best-kept secret. In fact, it is merely convenient that this recipe is vegan (convenient for your wallet and the planet, that is) because this is genuinely the best recipe for chocolate mousse that I have come across, and it is absolutely coincidentally vegan.

This chocolate mousse is creamier, chocolatier, cheaper, healthier and easier to make than any non-vegan recipe I’ve seen. If you have any ‘vegan-sceptic’ friends, I dare you to give them this mousse and ask them what’s inside. They won’t have a clue that its 75% tofu.

I once called this the Occam’s razor of dessert recipes. Occam’s razor is a principle used in philosophy that states: “do not multiply entities beyond necessity”. With only two ingredients and two steps, I think we’ve definitely got Occam’s recipe on our hands.

So. this recipe satisfies philosophical principles, bypasses the ethical conundrums that surround dairy and eggs as well as simplifying the mousse-making process and saving you money. Now all we need to think about is the ethics of chocolate and soy production. (A post on soy will follow soon)

Cost, using fair-trade chocolate: approximately 2.20 pounds for 4-6 servings

Two ingredients:
100g plain chocolate
200g silken tofu (less-solid version of tofu, can be bought at health-food shops)

Two steps:
1. melt chocolate over a water bath
2. blend with tofu using a stick blender

(serve in ramekins or tiny goblets and put in the fridge to allow the mousse to set before serving)


– Kasia

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