Dorm DIY #7 – paper flowers


Real flowers are a lovely thing to buy to brighten up your room in the warmer months when they’re cheap, local and in season. However, flowers are the same as any other product, and can be unsustainable if imported from far away, grown with lots of harmful pesticides, or are from a company that treats its workers and farmers unfairly. Here’s one of several articles outlining some of the issues around unsustainable flower farming, by ny times.

So rather than spending money on flowers grown in greenhouses, you can make these paper carnations using only muffin liners, straws, tape and paint,  and keep them throughout the whole year. It will only set you back around  ₤1.60 given you already have water based paint handy at home (gouache or ink is good). They’ll last much longer than real flowers, unless your friends decide to steal them for their own rooms!


you will need:

  • white cupcake liners
  • a few drops of water based paint (in two shades of the same colour)
  • at least 15 straws
  • green electrical tape (If green tape is hard to find, we think white masking tape would work just as well)

All you need to do is soak the muffin liners in different colours overnight, and then assemble the flowers. We followed this tutorial from design sponge exactly and the flowers turned out great. (The only change we made was use cupcake liners instead of coffee filters)

Click on the link here for full instructions and happy crafting!

– Anna & Kasia



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