Dorm DIY #5 – recycled newspaper bunting


Bunting has been trendy for a number of years, but it still manages to make any room cosier and more homely. If your dorm room still feels like a bare prison cell, cheer it up with this quick DIY project that will take care of your paper recycling for you. All you need is some sheets of newspaper (we find that the free copies of the student newspaper are quite useful in this regard), string and glue. I have made this bunting more times than I can remember using leftover wrapping paper, magazine pages or pages from an old book. The possibilities are endless.

What you need:

  • a few sheets of old newspaper
  • string
  • glue

bunting 1

Pick a nice sheet of newspaper and fold it down the middle. Fold it again and again, until you have a rectangle that is the size you want your bunting to be. We used sheets that were already folded once, and folded them two more times



bunting-2-Find the side of your rectangle that has ‘centre’ of the folds and draw two dotted lines from those corners to the centre of the opposite side.





bunting 3Cut along the dotted lines and unfold the sheets.





bunting 4Cut the length of string you want for your bunting.

Unfold the triangles so they look like diamonds, place the string on the fold and glue the two sides of the diamond together.


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