Dorm DIY #3 – cardboard photo holder


To be completely honest, this DIY project doesn’t really deserve to be called that. It should be called “sticking together leftover cardboard so you don’t have to spend money on picture frames”. It was inspired by this project from designsponge and took me about 30 seconds to make.

If you’ve just moved into a new dorm or flat, chances are you have plenty of cardboard boxes lying around. Instead of spending money on picture frames, you can recycle some of that cardboard by cutting it into strips and taping the ends with masking tape. Stick a photo in the middle and you have possibly the easiest DIY project ever. Don’t worry if you don’t have fancy japanese masking tape, I think coloured electrical tape or plain white masking tape would look great too. You could even decorate using paint or felt-tips. The possibilities are endless.



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