Dorm DIY #1 – Jewellery Tree

Instead of buying a metal jewellery tree that you’ll probably throw away when you graduate, why not make one out of twigs and an old vase? Its biodegradable and best of all, free!

I picked up some nice deep red twigs when I went on a run the other day, and used an old vase from the back of the cupboard to arrange them nicely. The best kind of vase is one with a wider base than top, that way the twigs can get more of a hold and won’t fall out as easily.

If you don’t have any old vases kicking about, check out the charity shops – there are always loads of pretty glass vases stacked in the back of charity shops! You can even donate the vase back when you move out.

Check back tomorrow to find out how I made those twine fairy lights



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