beetroot and tortilla fattoush salad


Summer salads are my favourite. Fresh vegetables and lettuce combined with a bit of bread, or in this case toasted tortilla wraps, make the best summer lunch. I was drawn to this recipe because it ingeniously uses leftover tortilla wraps (does anyone else have trouble using up tesco’s 8 wraps before they go stale?) and fresh beetroot, which is a super healthy late summer vegetable that can be found in abundance in farmer’s markets and vegetable patches. Unfortunately, raw beetroot seems to be a little harder to find in supermarkets in the UK, perhaps because its not the most popular root vegetable. Nevertheless, this salad makes cheap iceberg interesting, uses up leftover tortilla wraps and would work great as part of a picnic lunch if you keep the tortilla chips, yoghurt and dressing in separate containers until you’re ready to eat. (If its hot I would leave out the yoghurt altogether).

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